Fruit and Vegetable Processing - Foodin
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• Peach and apricot pitters

• Pear and apple pitters and peelers

• Cherry stemmers

• Turn-Key installations for food processing industries

• Packaging lines for fruit and vegetables in plastic cups

• Electronic colour and defect sorters for fresh fruit and vegetables

• Mechanical sizers with rollers for fresh fruit and vegetables

• Cherry stemmers and pitters

• Fresh salad and fresh vegetable processing lines

• Machinery and Turn-key installation for fresh vegetables processing (potatoes, onions, carots etc)

• Industrial Washers

• Heat Exchangers

• Thermal and aseptic processing technology

• Pasteurization and sterilization technology

• Water pumps for fruit and vegetable handling

• Hot oil pumps

• Refrigeration pumps

• Self-priming pumps etc

• Modular plastic conveyor belts

• Modular plastic conveyor belts