Who We Are - Foodin
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Who we are

Since 1973 FOODIN is actively involved in Food and Beverage industry as an engineering company.We can supply you with the most advanced and updated packaging and processing equipment, according to the special needs, and dynamics of your business. In the export and trading sector , Foodin ensures its customers an enhanced and ever-growing sales network , for canned fruit and vegetables, olives, olive oil, dairy products, antipasti and other popular Greek products.

Foodin Service

Knowing the requirements of modern industry and understanding that malfunctions and delays have serious cost, we provide our customers constant technical support24/7, 12 months a year. Foodin has 3 service stations for North, South and Central Greece & a 12 -memeber group of highly trained and experienced servicemen ,who offer you constant technical support from project design and istallation operations to regular service and repairs.

We guarantee


Developing a dynamic relationship with our customers, we understand and analyze their needs and requirements.


Surrounded by a top network of suppliers ,we provide project design, cost analysis, and technical support through all stages of our cooperation.

Technical Support

Foodin service is available 24/7, 12 months a year , in every place around Greece.

Spare parts Stock

We ensure adequate spare parts stock, which allows us to provide fast and reliable customer service.